What is this training about?

This psycho-education toolkit for children & young people, is a beautiful, creative resource for any adult wanting to support children and young people to understand their survival behaviours. The animation, together with the child-friendly worksheets provided as part of this resource, provides a way to both understand and explore how children have learnt to manage stress, and how those ‘old’ coping strategies might be helped to calm. Watch our short video explaining this pack here. 

The two-part animation uses beautiful imagery and children’s voices to tell the story of the Survival Animals inside all of us. In this story, you will meet:

  • Tiger (our fight survival mode)
  • Cheetah (our flight survival mode)
  • Rabbit (our freeze survival mode)
  • Sloth (our collapse survival mode)

Part One introduces each of these four relatable animal characters. The story helps children and families to understand how and why we each have survival behaviours, and how each of the survival animals work hard to keep us safe from danger.

Part Two introduces a new animal filled with wisdom and calmness – Orangutan. Orangutan has many ideas for how to tame the Survival Animals and she talks us through lots of techniques and strategies which help to calm the nervous system.

What are the learning aims?

This tool kit helps children and families to understand that:

  • We have an internal alarm system which alerts us to real or perceived danger
  • Children who have experienced trauma and loss have an ‘extra-sensitive’ alarm system
  • Our alarm system ‘wakes up’ survival behaviours in all of us, which are designed to protect us from hurt
  • Our survival behaviours were helpful at one point in our lives, but over time, they can cause us many problems
  • We can learn how to tame our survival behaviours so that we can feel more in control of how we are and how we feel
  • Children need the help of adults around them to do this tough work

Who can attend this training?

This psycho-education toolkit for children & young people can be purchased by any adult who is supporting a child or teen affected by trauma, stress, loss or adversity.

How does your online training work?

On receipt of payment you will be emailed:

  • A welcome video by Dr Shoshanah Lyons, Clinical Psychologist, introducing the animation and the toolkit.
  • A private link and password giving you access to the two-part animation, which lasts 20 minutes in total.
  • A ‘children’s pack’ which includes a range of beautiful worksheets to accompany the animation, and can be printed as many times as needed. The worksheets provide a creative, child-friendly framework for exploring with children and teens their survival behaviours.
  • An adult resource pack, which provides you with explorative questions to inform your conversations with the child or young person.
  • A display kit, providing you with ready to print and use images perfect for making a wonderful visual display about the Survival Animals inside all of us.

How is your training presented?

We use beautiful, original art-work and a child’s voice to tell the story along with a training video and accompanying handouts.

How long can I access the training for?

Once you have purchased this resource you will be able to access it for an unlimited amount of time.

How much does the training cost?

For individual participants, please buy your animation and training pack below at a cost of £30. If you would like to request an invoice, pay over the telephone or enquire about a team licence so that you can use the animation with groups or within your own training, please contact our Training Administrator, Rebecca Robertson, on training@beaconhouse.org.uk or 01444 413 939. Upon receipt of payment your training package will be released.

Who are the trainers?

Dr Shoshanah Lyons is the Clinical Director and founder of Beacon House, a therapeutic service for children and families based in West Sussex.

As a Clinical Psychologist specialising in trauma and loss, she is passionate about helping parents/carers and professionals to understand the needs of troubled children. She loves to work creatively so that complex ideas are translated into really accessible and meaningful information for all those working with, and caring for distressed children.

Helen Townsend is an artist and works at Beacon House as our Creative Advisor and Therapeutic Life Story Worker.

Combining inspiration from lived experience with academic training, she is passionate about translating complicated theories into accessible information that can be used by everyone in day to day life. As an adoptive parent Helen always aims to ensure ideas are realistic and practical for families.

Dr Kathryn Whyte is a Clinical Psychologist and our Chichester Team Lead.

She works with children who are adopted and their families. Kathryn loves thinking with the adults in children’s lives about what their experiences have been, how they have influenced their lives and what their behaviour might be letting them know about what is going on in their ‘minds and hearts’.

Testimonials from others who have attended this training

“Tiger mode was my best bit, he made me think about all the times I get so angry at school”

7-year old

“It has helped me to see that I’m not shy. I’m scared”

12-year old

“This animation has had such an impact on the children I work with. I have a new language for helping them to understand their behaviours and the worksheets are just brilliant”


How do I book?

For individual participants, please book your place below. If you would like to request an invoice, pay over the telephone or enquire about a team licence, please contact our Training Administrator, Rebecca Robertson, on training@beaconhouse.org.uk or 01444 413 939. Upon receipt of payment your training package will be released.

  • No limit on places
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Recurring Transactions
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What are your terms and conditions?

Due to our training package being available upon payment, online courses are non-refundable.

We work very hard to keep our training and resources free or as low cost as possible. We ask that for single participants, you respect this by keeping the training package for your sole use only. For team licences, the training is to be used by the paying team only and must not be sub-licensed or used outside of the team. Sharing the training package to those who have not purchased a place is not permitted under any circumstances.


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