What is this training about?

Children and adolescents who survive multiple experiences of loss, trauma and attachment disruption very often face complex and profound difficulties, which can be understood as ‘Developmental Trauma’. As professionals working to enable traumatised children and families to heal and repair, we can become paralysed and stuck alongside them because their mind and body aren’t yet ‘ready’ to take in the therapeutic support and relationships we can offer them

This online training course explores how professionals can overcome this barrier – by developing robust, creative and trauma-informed strategies which help to stabilize children and build their capacity to regulate their emotions. Informed by cutting edge neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology and our wealth of clinical experience here at Beacon House, participants will be offered a practical, inspirational training enabling them to support children and teens to expand their window of tolerance, and be less triggered into hyper-arousal (fight, flight, freeze) and hypo-arousal (dissociation, collapse). Although the focus of this training is children and young people, the learning is also highly relevant to regulation work with adults.

What are the learning aims?

  • Learn how to identify and understand how survival modes (fight/flight/freeze/collapse) help traumatised children and teens organise themselves around threat and danger
  • Gain access to a bespoke 2-part animation which can be used directly with children and families to teach them about survival modes
  • Develop practical skills to help build emotional regulation and emotional stabilization in children and teens in a rang of contexts
  • Receive a resource package exclusive to online learners with new and bespoke resources

Who can attend this training?

This training is for any professional working with children and young people who have experienced trauma, loss and adversity. Colleagues in Mental Health, Social Care, Education and Youth Justice will find the training particularly relevant. Participants do not need to be qualified therapists to benefit from this training as emotional regulation is everyone’s business!

How does your online training work?

On payment of your training place you will be emailed: 

  • A private link to this online three-part training course, to watch at your own pace in your own time. 6 hours learning will be provided in total, including reflective and experiential practice.
  • A digital Developmental Trauma resource pack, new and exclusive only to the participants of this online training.
  • A ‘helping your mind & body get ready to learn’ video is also shared.

How is your training presented?

We bring together an inspiring and innovative combination of theory, stunning original art-work, lived experience examples and practical demonstrations. Watch a brief sample here to see how we present different aspects of learning in our training 

How long can I access the training for?

This training can be accessed and re-watched for 12 months.

How much does the training cost?

This training package is available for individual participants at £125. A team licence is also available for which there is an optional package which includes a 1 hour online live Q&A with a specialist Clinical Psychologist or Psychotherapist within the Beacon House Team. The Q&A enables the team to ask questions about the content of the training, and explore further how the learning can be applied to practice (please note, in Q&As we are not able to offer advice about individual children).


Who are the trainers?

Dr Shoshanah Lyons is the clinical director and founder of Beacon House. As a clinical psychologist she feels huge passion for understanding mental health and relationships through a developmental trauma lens. She is a promoter and advocate for trauma-informed health, education, social care and criminal justice.

Roy Fears is a Drama and Movement Therapist at Beacon House. For 15 years in private and NHS settings he has developed his creative approach to work with clients across the life-span who have experienced trauma. He remains passionate regarding the understanding and repair of trauma in all its forms, while striving to evolve his practice in an ever-shifting social landscape where trauma is often overlooked, mistaken or misdiagnosed.

Helen Townsend is an artist and works at Beacon House as our Creative Advisor and Therapeutic Life Story Worker. Combining inspiration from lived experience with academic training, she is passionate about translating complicated theories into accessible information that can be used by everyone in day to day life. As an adoptive parent Helen always aims to ensure ideas are realistic and practical for families.

Do I get a certificate?

Upon completion of our training feedback questionnaire, you will be provided with an individualised certificate.

Testimonials from others who have attended this training

"It's not often that training makes you feel the learning, thank you."

"I feel completely energised and inspired to incorporate these activities into my work."

"The training has been pivotal and transformational. Not only for me as a professional, but for me personally too."

How do I book?

For individual participants, please book your place below. If you would like to request an invoice, pay over the telephone or enquire about a team licence, please contact our Training Administrator, Rebecca Robertson, on training@beaconhouse.org.uk or 01444 413 939. Upon receipt of payment your training package will be released.

  • No limit on places
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Courses are refundable up to 30 days prior to the date of the course. Any cancellation with less than 30 days notice are NON-REFUNDABLE. You may send a substitute delegate providing s/he meets the course criteria. We reserve the right to cancel the course date, in this case we will notify you by email as early as possible, and advise you of an alternative date or provide you with a full refund. In the event of a course cancellation under 7 days’ notice, a new course date or refund will be organised for you.  Under no circumstances are Beacon House are liable for any travel expenses, childcare, potential loss of income or any associated costs.

Recurring Transactions
Please note that payments made for bookings are one-off payments.  We will not collect any ongoing / recurring payments from you.

What are your terms and conditions?

Due to our training package being available upon payment, online courses are non-refundable.

We work very hard to keep our training and resources free or as low cost as possible. We ask that for single participants, you respect this by keeping the training package for your sole use only. For team licences, the training is to be used by the paying team only and must not be sub-licensed or used outside of the team. Sharing the training package to those who have not purchased a place is not permitted under any circumstances.


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