I have worked as a clinician in the field of trauma for 20 years. During that time, I understood the vital importance of effective Clinical Supervision to compliment and contain me in my challenging work. This, in 2010, led me to undertaking a Post Graduate study in “Clinical Supervision – Integrative Approaches” at Surrey University. My research was initially aimed at those who are not clinically trained but are exposed to disturbed and disturbing behaviour for longer periods of time; “Care for the Carer – Help for the Helper” which has in turn informed my approach across the spectrum of supervision and consultation.

My ethos is simple – supervision should be Normative, Formative and Restorative! And in every session, I aim to hit those three marks with my supervisees. Experience tells me that regardless of the number of years of working, effective supervision sits within a spectrum that at one end is a learning/teaching experience through to a collegiate exploration around a theme. Wherever the session lands it will always be scaffolded with a compassionate, therapeutic, and supportive framework.

I champion formulation in supervision and in my clinical practice as means of keeping both me and my clients and supervisees focussed, and in the pursuit of achievable aims and goals. I am experienced in working 1-to-1, in small groups and consulting to entire teams or organisations.

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