Hi, my name is Mel I am a Specialist Occupational Therapist, an advanced practitioner in Sensory Integration, and a certified Level one Therapist in Sensory Attachment Intervention. For the past decade I have immersed myself in learning and understanding about the world of sensory, working in different school settings, Sensory Integration clinics and here at Beacon House. I am deeply passionate about how early experiences can impact the development of the sensory systems and how we perceive the world around us through the lens of sensory, relationships and feeling safe. In my clinical work, I have specialised in working with children, young people with sensory processing difficulties and development trauma.

As a clinical supervisor I have worked as a module mentor for the Sensory Integration Network and I currently mark on their module pathway. I believe supervision provides us with a platform for creative reflection, giving us time and space to consolidate our thought processing, share ideas and feel held in a supportive space.

To find out more about my education, qualifications, CPD and professional registration see here.