Mel is an advanced sensory integration practitioner who holds a Masters in Sensory Integration and certified with Level 1 in Sensory Attachment Intervention. She specialises in working with children with sensory processing difficulties. Mel is passionate about working with children who have experienced or been exposed to early childhood trauma and integrates a wealth of experience in working with children and young people to help develop their skills and personal achievements in their personal wellbeing, functional skills, education and leisure.

Mel has a positive, enthusiastic approach and draws upon her years of experience of working with children and young people with ADHD, Autism, DCD, associated anxiety, sensory processing and motor difficulties along with children who have experienced trauma in their early years to provide a holistic, practical and flexible approach. Her interventions are unique to each individual and aim to help each child reach their unique potential.

Mel qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1991 and has worked in a variety of different health care and community based settings prior to specialising in working with children and young people. She has worked in a variety of mainstream and additional needs educational settings providing a range of specialised individual intervention, targeted and group work; as well as bespoke programmes and staff training.

Mel is a mother to three children and an advanced yoga teacher and uses yoga to help the associated anxieties many children with complex needs encounter. She is the author of the ‘Yoga of Pregnancy’ book and created a Sensory Processing Yoga programme and training.

Mel is registered and regulated by Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC); is a Member of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) and a Member of College of Occupational Therapists Specialist Section – Independent Practise (COTSS-IP).

  • Sensory Attachment Intervention Certificate Level 1
    December 2019
  • MSc. in Sensory Integration, 2017
    Ulster University
  • Post graduate Diploma in Sensory Integration Therapy 2015
    Ulster University
  • Advanced Sensory Integration practitioner 2014
    Sensory Integration Network
  • Sensory Integration Module 4 – From planning to treatment 2014
    Sensory Integration Network UK
  • Sensory Integration Module 2/3 – Assessment to Practice 2013
    Sensory Integration Network UK
  • Sensory Integration Module 1 – Foundations and Neuroscience 2012
    Sensory Integration Network UK
  • PG Diploma COT
    Salford College of Technology 1991
  • The Sensory Attachment Intervention Fidelity Measure
    Éadaoin Bhreathnach, 2 days, May 2023
  • Sensory Attachment Intervention for Adolescents/Adults and Just Right State
    Éadaoin Bhreathnach, 3 days, November 2022
  • SOSI-M and COP-R theory, administration and scoring
    Sensory Integration Network, 2022
  • A trauma-informed approach to postural control and praxis
    Éadaoin Bhreathnach, 22 hours, June 2022
  • Sensory beginnings
    ASI WISE with Emily Hills and Lindsay Hardy, 21st May 2022
  • The Power of the Senses; re-building sensory systems and supporting regulation in children impacted by early trauma
    Beacon House Online Training, 6 hours, May 2021
  • Building under-developed sensorimotor systems webinar
    23rd October 2020
  • How to build emotional regulation skills in children and young people
    6 hours, 2020
  • Beacon House in-house training
    October 2020
  • How to support your dysregulated child
    3 hours
  • Sensory Attachment level 1 accreditation
    Éadaoin Bhreathnach, December 2019
  • Interoception
    Thrive Occupational Therapy Services, Kelly Mahler, November 2019
  • The dynamic maturational model of attachment across the lifespan
    Dr Ben Grey, Dept of Attachment Studies, University of Roehampton, one day, May 2019
  • International trauma recovery summit, Belfast
    27th & 28th June 2018
  • Safeguarding children
    Windlesham School, 2018
  • Just right state programme
  • Clinical interpretation & report writing
  • Attachment and psychopathology
    Dr. P. Crittenden, December 2017
  • Feeding and sensory issues
    Training completed 2016
  • Handwriting without tears
    Training completed 2015
  • Sensory Integration Modules 1-4
    Training completed 2014-2016