I am a Dramatherapist and Clinical Supervisor with particular knowledge and expertise in developmental trauma, adoption, attachment, anxiety and depression.

I regard supervision as offering a safe and supportive space where supervisees can reflect on and gain insight into the relationships, themes and processes – both expressed and unexpressed – that are present in the therapy space. My approach is collaborative, nurturing and creative and my aim is to support supervisees to do their best work in the therapy space.

Just as I am interested in the uniqueness of my therapy clients, I enjoy working with my supervisees as therapists and human beings who bring a rich and varied jigsaw of clinical experiences, interests, strengths, challenges, needs and aspirations. I welcome supervisees who are willing to bring and explore the full range of their strengths, skills and vulnerabilities to supervision sessions.

As a Dramatherapist, I regularly use symbolism, mark making, embodiment and projective activities to help supervisees explore the issues, processes and dynamics at play in their work. When I’m not at the Beacon House clinic, I work outdoors in nature and am able to offer supervision to therapists who also work outdoors.

As well as working with psychotherapists and counsellors, I also have experience of working with staff in education and the caring professions who are juggling the many challenging and complex demands of their work. Reflective practice sessions provide a safe and confidential space for staff to explore uncertainties and difficulties in the workplace; helping improve professional practice, increase their capacity to support the needs of the people they work with, and reduce burnout.

To find out more about my education, qualifications, CPD and professional registration see here.