Lucinda has worked as a Dramatherapist for over 15 years in Shetland and in East Sussex. She works with children, young people, adults and families and her areas of specialism include developmental trauma and attachment insecurities, anxiety, depression, loss and grief. Working with clients affected by the deteriorating health of the planet is an area of increasing importance to Lucinda, and working with and through nature (even indoors) is something that she pursues with a passion.

Lucinda is profoundly interested in how our early experiences create the blueprint for our life which determines how we see ourselves, other people and the world.  Neuroscience tells us that the blueprint is not a life sentence and with the right therapeutic support we can make changes to it to alleviate some of the coping mechanisms which can keep us stuck in certain unhelpful and even unhealthy responses to life.


Dramatherapy is well suited to this deep psychological work because of its capacity to access the wisdom of the unconscious mind and the body. Lucinda offers a three-prong approach: psychoeducation about the nervous system which helps clients to understand and normalise what is happening to them psychologically; ‘direct’ talking where she together with the client think about the client’s past and present experiences at home, school/work, with friends, etc. and ‘indirect’ exploration of their experiences through movement and metaphor (story, picture cards, artwork) which allows them to gain a different perspective and a better sense of who they are and would like to be.

At home, Lucinda is head of the household, at least according to Otto, the family’s Yorkie Pom (look them up!) and loves spending time in the beautiful woods around her home – a change from tree-less Shetland where she lived for 6 years. She also likes being sporty, baking and eating cakes and puddings, and getting crafty, with needlefelting a specialty.

  • Diploma in Supervision
    The Link Centre, July 2022
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Dramatherapy
    University of Surrey, Roehampton, 2005
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training
    Roshmi Lovatt, 28th January 2023
  • Contextual safeguarding for vulnerable children and adults
    Amanda Radley, 3 hours, 11th May 2022
  • Treating chronically traumatized children – the sleeping dogs method workshop
    One day, March 2021
  • Dramatherapy southwest winter conference
    One day, January 2021
  • Introduction to the BUSS (Build Underdeveloped Sensorimotor Systems) model workshop
    One day, January 2021
  • Advanced trauma treatment for children and adolescents – online
    Two days, June 2020
  • Embodiment for facilitators conference – online
    One day, June 2020
  • British Association of Dramatherapists’ annual conference
    British Association of Dramatherapists, two days, September 2019
  • The dynamic maturational model of attachment across the lifespan seminar
    Dr Ben Grey, Dept of Attachment Studies, University of Roehampton, half-day, May 2019
  • Dramatherapy with children who have experienced domestic abuse workshop
    British Association of Dramatherapists Training
  • Annual conference, September 2016
    British Association of Dramatherapists
  • British Association of Dramatherapists
    Annual Conference, September 2014
  • A safe space, a nurturing community: Helping services to help vulnerable and traumatised children workshop
    Kate Cairns Associates, June 2014
  • The challenge of change: Resilience training programme
    November 2014
  • Annual conference, September 2013
    British Association of Dramatherapists
  • Supporting children and young people to build healthy attachments workshop
    Holly van Gulden, June 2011
  • Annual conference, September 2010
    British Association of Dramatherapists
  • The playful attachment workshop
    Sue Jennings, May 2008
  • Annual conference, September 2007
    British Association of Dramatherapists
  • Attachment theory and Playtherapy: Linking theory with practice workshop
    British Association of Dramatherapists, December 2005