Supervision has been a really important aspect of my practice for many years and a part of my role at Beacon House that I really value. It’s a privilege to offer other practitioners a space to reflect, learn, question and grow.

For me, in common with all relationships, clear boundaries are essential to create supervision as a safe space. Having this framework allows the exploration and curiosity that is needed. At the start of work with supervisees, we take time to agree on goals for the time we spend together and I am always open to new developmental goals coming in over time. Like in my clinical practice, I work integratively as a supervisor, using whichever models and methods feel like the best fit in the circumstances with each person. It feels important that the space created for supervisees is beneficial both as a support and development space for themselves and crucially in the service of them doing their best work with their clients.

I am a huge fan of consultation as a way of supporting practitioners and teams in their work with clients. I am also an advocate of the significance of creating a space for them to explore dynamics and themes between themselves. My approach to consultation is very much led by the same principles as to supervision; my style is pragmatic, creative and flexible according to the needs of the group and the client group. I am experienced in and very much enjoy, working in schools, residential settings, social work and mental health teams. My focus is on using relationships to support regulation (and vice versa), understanding and responding to trauma and the impact on development.

Following my training as a clinical psychologist, I have 20 years’ experience of working with children and their families where developmental trauma is part of their experience. I have additional training in DDP and EMDR, am about to complete a level 5 Diploma in Children’s Health and Social Care Leadership and am accredited as a supervisor by the British Psychological Society through the Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS).

I am currently offering one to one supervision and individual or team consultation in person where distance and travel is not an obstacle, and online where this is more convenient.

To find out more about my education, qualifications, CPD and professional registration see here.