Thank you for purchasing an online Beacon House training course. We recommend that you listen to the training on a device using headphones. This enhances the quality and clarity of sound.

You will find below:

  • Online Training Access: Here you will find the links and passwords to access each module of your training
  • Training Packs: Here you can download your training packs that provide you with any worksheets and/or resources that accompany the training. Reflective logs have been provided for you if you find it helpful to write or draw things down.
  • Word Format Worksheets: Here you can download the word documents providing you with any worksheets in word form
  • Certificate Access Link

IMPORTANT: Please ensure anyone taking part in this training has read and understood the following before taking part so all attendees have informed consent before starting:

The performance video, training modules and printed materials included in this training contain in places; offensive language, graphic descriptions, images and references to topics such as racial abuse, racial violence, racial trauma, suicide and graphic sexual references. This will take the form of images, video clips, audio clips and text. Participants of this training may find these disturbing and triggering.

You will need to have the capacity to be able to take care of yourself whilst tolerating some discomfort and be in a stable enough place to process your body responses and emotions and remain in a place of learning. 

Please do contact training@beaconhouse.org.uk if you have any questions regarding your course.  Please note it is solely for your or your organisation’s use only and should not be shared without prior permission.