Lucy is a calm, kind and fun Creative Arts Psychotherapist and offers a different unique way for children and young people to express themselves. She brings a wealth of experience having worked in mainstream and special educational schools, alternative education provisions, CAMHS and in private practice.  Lucy supports children and young people to find creative ways to communicate and to express themselves, which might include feelings or experiences they may find hard to put into words.

Lucy is committed to help understand and support children to give them the freedom to set their own pace to achieve happiness and empowerment. She supports children to find their own creative ways of working that is right for them. She gives them the opportunity to face their fears with bravery in a safe confidential space. Lucy also invites them to experience the freedom to laugh and to play alongside the work of the difficult issues they may be facing.

Lucy draws on her qualifications as a registered Dramatherapist and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapist (DDP) and has a special focus on adoption and foster care issues derived from her own personal experiences. She supports and collaborates with children who have been fostered, adopted and are under special guardianship and their parents/carers individually and together.  Lucy specialises in working with children who are impacted by developmental trauma and uses DDP to enable children and their families to have the best possible relationship with each other.  She uses a therapeutic parenting approach to support children to work through painful and traumatic life events. Much like family therapy, the work focuses on enhancing and strengthening family connections and relationships. Lucy supports children to make sense of things that have happened in their past to allow them to move forward into the next chapter of their lives.

Lucy also supports parents and carers to feel more fulfilled in their parental role, and collaboratively they work together to improve the quality of their family’s interactions on a daily basis. She invites parents to be more empathic, attuned and playful in the sessions. Lucy is very passionate about her work and has extensive experience of the everyday challenges that adopted children and their families may face.

Lucy loves going to the cinema, running, attempting to breakdance (behind closed doors only), cooking and most of all she loves being by the sea.

  • Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) Level 2 
    The Centre for Emotional Development, Brighton, 2019
  • Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) Level 1
    The Centre for Emotional Development, Brighton, 2019
  • MA Dramatherapy
    Roehampton University, 2015
  • Trauma Masterclass: The Art of Trauma Treatment
    Dr Kathrin Stauffer, Kate Brown and Tony Buckley, June 2020
  • The Healing Power of Imagination in Impossible Situations: Working with Loss, Grief and Trauma with Creative Methods
    Professor Mooli Lahad, May 2020
  • Numbing The Pain: Making The Link Between Childhood Trauma & Addiction
    Christiane Sanderson, February 2020
  • Intimacy – The Impact of Attachment on Adult Relationships
    Lindy Cundy & Jenny Ridell, September 2019
  • The Counsellors Toolbox when Working with Shame: Exercises to Break the Silence of Shame & Build Shame Resilience
    Christiane Sanderson, April 2019
  • Speaking Through The Skin: Self Harm & it’s Meanings
    Anna Motz, July 2018
  • EMDR: The Breakthrough Therapy
    Siam Morgan, November 2018
  • Shame in the Therapy Hour
    Christiane Sanderson, November 2018
  • Working with ‘Hard to Reach’ Individuals in Counselling
    Dr Maggie Turp, November 2018
  • Working with Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
    Christiane Sanderson, February 2018
  • Looked After Children & Attachment
    Karen Eastwood, January 2018
  • The British Association of Dramatherapists Conference
    September 2016
  • The British Association of Dramatherapists Conference
    September 2014
  • Arts Therapies Forensic Conference
    June 2015