Lisa started her training in an arts therapies degree in 1998 and completed six years training as a creative psychotherapist specialising in childhood trauma and youth offending at Roehampton in London.  Lisa is passionate about working with children and teens who have experienced trauma and attachment disruption, and she has worked as a creative arts psychotherapist and life story consultant in fostering teams and schools for over 15 years. 

Lisa integrates creative arts psychotherapy with an approach called Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) which is a framework for therapy and parenting developmentally traumatised children. She is dedicated to supporting children, parents and carers through approaches which have relationships at their heart.   

Lisa has worked as a clinical lead specialising in addictions, eating and mood disorders working in a variety of settings from rehabilitation centres, schools, foster care teams, youth services, prisons and women refuges.  Lisa has, for many years, managed therapeutic teams as a clinical lead within addiction family services and specialist schools providing therapy for children and their families. 

Lisa has 20 years’ experience of working therapeutically with children and adults, completing a Masters in 2009 and is a senior psychotherapist/dramatherapist, consulting therapist and will qualify as a clinical supervisor June 2022.  

Lisa has developed extensive knowledge, understanding and compassion for relational and attachment trauma that hugely impact our lives. Through her gentle yet resilient approach – change is possible.  Lisa is experienced in working with clients to maximise health, and work towards a pathway of well-being through identifying trauma, working with underlying emotional presentations and supporting clients to feel empowered. 

Therapy is often about talking our problems through. Lisa’s practice can offer, if helpful and right for you, more creative techniques alongside talking, inviting the chance to explore challenging feelings that may be holding us back in our lives and relationships in creative and dynamic ways. Lisa has experience of working in this way with children as young as five right through to adulthood.  

Stress and emotional upheaval are often the result of past relational experiences, and these concerns may inhibit the present self from full expression.  Lisa aims to provide an atmosphere of empathy and attentiveness in order to create a safe space for the individual to explore the imprint of their experiences, and their potential for healing. 

Lisa is registered with the Health Professions Council, registration number – AS13713 and receives regular clinical supervision.

  • Diploma in Clinical Supervision  - Child, Adolescent & Adult-Terapia
    Due to complete June 2022
  • DDP Level 2
  • DDP Level 1
  • Dramatherapy MA – Roehampton University 
  • Arts Therapies BA (Hons) – University Derby
  • Online safeguarding for schools
    1 hour, February 2022
  • Safeguarding for schools
    2 hours, September 2021
  • The healing power of imagination in impossible situations: Working with loss, grief and trauma with creative methods
    Mooli Lahaaad, Brighton Therapy Partnership, 1 day, July 2020
  • Working with violent young people
    Centre for emotional development, 4 hours, November 2019
  • Safeguarding in schools
    2 hours, September 2019
  • Child protection in education
    5 hours, February 2016
  • Child exploitation & online safety
    3 hours, February 2016
  • Using story, music and song for healing
    Maori Practitioners, 2 days, June 2015