Becky is a highly experienced clinician with over 18 years’ experience. She has worked with a wide variety of client groups, across the age spectrum, in different and complex settings including forensic mental health, personality disorder, looked after and adopted children, children with challenging behaviour, autism, learning disabilities and older adults; working with both individuals and groups.

Alongside her role with Beacon House, Becky works in a secure hospital with adult offenders whose psychological difficulties have brought them into contact with the Criminal Justice system. Prior to this, she worked for a National gender specific service in an enhanced medium secure unit for women. She has also worked for Roundabout – a large Dramatherapy charity in London, where she led on the setting up of services.

In addition to her work as a dramatherapist, Becky is an approved Creative Arts Supervisor and as such, supervises the practice of dramatherapists, dramatherapy trainees and other therapists.

Her current practice is with vulnerable and traumatised individuals. Becky’s focus at the start of any work therefore is the importance of building up the skills needed prior to any deeper self reflection. With this in mind, she uses the metaphor of going on a journey of self discovery, firstly needing to ensure you have packed the tools you will need along the way. Through the safety and containment of art forms such as stories, objects, role play and movement, Becky encourages individuals to express themselves in ways that are comfortable and feel appropriate. The creative methods then provide a point of reference for the therapy, offering enlightenment and reflection around key areas of a person’s life. This can provide individuals with a greater insight into themselves and to how they relate to the world. Becky is highly skilled at adapting this way of working to all ages and all abilities.

Dramatherapy focuses on the power of the imagination and play, and this is at the heart of Becky’s practice beginning with Winncott’s ‘potential space’. Becky’s clinical work is both attachment and Jungian informed, believing it is about working alongside each other in relationship that allows a sense of trust and safety to be achieved. She particularly works with the use of story and storytelling, allowing the power of the archetypal language to provide a platform for growth and development. She believes that when there is an opportunity to explore new ways of being and chances to ‘step into another person’s shoes’ then perspective taking and empathy can be achieved; allowing a greater ability to look inwards. Becky’s style is very adaptable and as such is person centered, non-judgmental and recovery focused. She uses her creative tool kit to adapt the therapy to suit each individual which in turn encourages adaptability within whomever she works with.

As a Sesame trained Drama and Movement therapist, Becky works very much with the language of the body; recognising that it is often through body work; using movement and sensory exploration that the most insight and integration can occur.

Becky is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (No: AS01401) and a Member of the British Association of Dramatherapists (No: 2834)

  • Registered Associate Practitioner
    Restorative Justice Council’s Practitioner Register
  • Advanced Diploma in Creative Arts Supervision Training 2004-2005
    Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
  • Post graduate Diploma in Drama & Movement Therapy 1998-1999
    Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
  • BA (Hons) in Performing Arts 2:1 1993-1996
    Middlesex University
  • EMDR
    EMDR Europe, 52 hours, 9th May – 16th December 2022
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training
    Roshmi Lovatt, 28th January 2023
  • Information governance
    NHS England, 1 hour, 7th January 2021
  • Clinical risk assessment and safety management
    NHS England, 4 hours, 4th January 2021
  • Domestic violence and abuse
    NHS England, 2 hours, 4th January 2021
  • Arts therapies forensic conference
    Forensic Arts Therapies Advisory Group, 4 hours, 12th October 2020
  • Infection prevention and control level 2 
    NHS England, 2 hours, 2nd October 2020
  • Virtual trauma summit
    Action Trauma, 20 hours, 22nd and 23rd June 2020
  • Safeguarding adults level 3
    NHS England, 2nd June 2020
  • Restorative justice facilitator training
    Sussex Restorative Justice Partnership, 18th-21st November 2019
  • The Dynamic Maturational Model of attachment across the lifespan
    Dr Ben Grey, Dept of Attachment Studies, University of Roehampton, one day, May 2019
  • Safeguarding children
    NHS England, 2018
  • Mentalization Based Treatment (MBT) Basic training
    Anna Freud Centre, 2016
  • Critical incident stress management
    Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, 2016
  • Cultivating the field – Innovation, performance and risk in Dramatherapy
    British Association of Dramatherapists Conference, 2015
  • Working with self harm
    South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, 2015
  • Communicube – Multi purpose communication tool training
    Dr. John Casson/ British Association of Dramatherapists, 2014
  • Boundaries, borders, loyalty and betrayal
    British Association of Dramatherapists Conference, 2014
  • Introduction to restorative justice practice in mental health
    Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, 2014
  • ‘Destructive whirlwind’ or ‘Crying out for care?’ BPD in the in-patient setting
    Dr Kingsley Norton West London Mental Health Trust, 2011
  • Distress signature tool (Trainer level)
    Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trusts – Rampton Hospital, 2011
  • The role of art therapy in helping offenders with anger issues
    Arts Therapies Forensic Conference – Institute of Psychoanalysis, 2010
  • Working with Personality Disorder: Raising awareness level knowledge and understanding framework (Trainer level)
    Institute of Mental Health, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, 2010
  • Every picture tells a story
    International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy, 2009
  • Cognitive Analytic Therapy and its uses in arts therapies treatment
    Stella Compton Hertfordshire Partnership Foundation trust, 2009
  • Introduction to Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
    West London Mental Health Trust, 2008
  • Working with women in secure settings
    Inequality Agenda, 2008
  • HCR-20 V3 Assessing Risk for Violence Version 3
    Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • SAPROF Structured Assessment of Protective Factors for violence risk
    Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • VRS – Violence Risk Scale
    West London Mental Health Trust