Amanda is a Social Worker with thirteen years’ experience of working within the Local Authority. Amanda started her career working in the Contact and Assessment Team where she worked with children and their families who were subject to Child in Need and Child Protection planning. Amanda has extensive experience of undertaking multiple and complex assessments of children’s needs and parental capacity as well as experience in emergency protection work to ensure the immediate safety of children.

Amanda has ten years’ experience working within a specialist team for children on the edge of care, providing assessment and intervention work for parents /carers and younger age children. Within this team Amanda has undertaken a wide range of assessment work and delivered specialist intervention work to support parents and children experiencing multiple and complex difficulties.

Amanda held the post of Senior Practitioner and then Practice Manager within the same service where she supervised and lead a team of Social Workers and child and family workers in embedding and delivering high quality intervention work with children and their families experiencing issues such as complex trauma, attachment difficulties, domestic abuse, drug and alcohol misuse and mental ill health.

Amanda is committed to supporting other peoples practice and has eight years’ experience delivering high quality reflective supervision, guidance and training to others.

Amanda has been at the forefront of supporting services develop in the areas of parent and child relationship interventions and held the practice lead role for Child and Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT).

Amanda is an enthusiastic and dedicated practitioner who has a specific interest in working with complex trauma and attachment difficulties. She has attended a range of training courses focussing on attachment and trauma informed approaches. More recently Amanda has undertaken further specific training and is working toward being a fully accredited practitioner in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP). DDP is an attachment focused therapy developed by Daniel Hughes and Arthur Becket-Weildman. It is an evidence-based treatment for complex trauma and attachment difficulties. DDP is a family focused approach that incorporates a focus on relationships, attunement, intersubjectivity and sensitive responsiveness.

In her role in Beacon House as Therapeutic Social Worker, Amanda offers parenting interventions that incorporate the principles of DDP while working toward her full accreditation. In addition to this, Amanda offers therapeutic parenting interventions to adopters and foster carers. With Amanda’s experience working with young children, she also offers parent consultations about effective and sensitive parenting approaches which can support more positive behaviour in the child, and a greater emotional connection.

Amanda is a social worker registered with Social Work England – Registration number: SW42029

  • BA (Hons) English
    Chichester University
  • Diploma in Social Work
    University of Chichester 2004
  • Post Qualifying Award Level 1
    University of Chichester 2005
  • Post Qualifying Child Care Award
    University of Chichester 2007
  • Child Care award
    Chichester University 2007
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training
    Roshmi Lovatt, 28th January 2023
  • Contextual safeguarding for vulnerable children and adults
    Amanda Radley, 3 hours, 11th May 2022
  • The Power of the Senses; re-building sensory systems and supporting regulation in children impacted by early trauma
    Beacon House Online Training, 6 hours, May 2021
  • Applying Polyvagal Theory throughout the Covid-19 crisis webinar
    Deb Dana, 16th April 2020
  • Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) level two
    October 2017, Sue Drake
  • Borderline Personality Disorder and treatment
    Dr Lyons – 2017
  • Parenting with PACE
    Dr Daniel Hughes – 2015
  • Just what we need – group intervention
  • Narrative work – beyond the transcript
    Dr Lyons – 2015
  • Attachment informed observation
    Dr Lyons – 2015
  • Attachment based practice with adults
    Rebecca Carr-Hopkins – In Trac Associate 2015
  • Developing and enhancing child and parent attachments
    Dr Lyons – 2014
  • Keeping things safe and helpful
    Dr Lyons – 2014
  • Promoting attachment
    Dr Lyons ad Dr Taylor – 2014
  • Parental trauma and mental health
    Dr Lyons – 2014
  • Childhood trauma
    Dr Lyons – 2014
  • Attachment and the neuroscience of the brain
    Dr Margot Sunderland – 2011
  • Attachment Informed Observation
    Dr Lyons – 2015
  • PAMs
    Parent Assessment Manual (Dr Sue McGaw 2012)
  • Signs of Safety
    (Dr Andrew Turnell 2012)
  • NIMT
    (Neglect Identification and measurement tool)
  • Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy
    Julie Hudson – 2017