Sensory and Emotional Regulation

Many children struggle to focus and have sensory or emotional difficulties which prevent them from fully engaging with daily life. As Occupational Therapists we specialise in facilitating participation in daily living activities.


Your child may be experiencing difficulties in sitting still and be constantly seeking out something to fidget with. Perhaps they have sensory sensitivities and they may be unable to deal with the structures or routines around them. There may be frequent meltdowns and emotional challenges. Great frustration occurs because academic learning can suffer and your child may be finding relationships challenging.

We work with your child to provide strategies to cope with the sensory challenges around them. We look at their fight and flight responses and how they react to stress triggers. Together, strategies can be formed to cope with school and family life. Where possible parents are involved in these type of sessions so that there is carry through at home.


When parents also have an understanding of the child’s (and their own) regulating patterns they can be an effective tool in facilitating regulation and helping the child maintain a calm alert state. A sensory diet (strategies for healthy sensory input) may be worked out with you to help your child regulate his or her arousal levels. This may need to include the therapist going into the child’s school to help key staff who work with your child to know how they can help with sensory modulation/regulation.

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