Hello, I am Laara and amongst many other things I am a Clinical Psychologist.  I work in an integrative way and embrace a ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ framework – different approaches will resonate for people, families, and contexts at different times.  This enables me to work flexibly and tailor therapeutic interventions  and a supervisory space in ways that best meet each individual person’s differences and needs.  My ‘go to’ therapeutic frameworks include attachment theories, trauma informed therapies including EMDR, solution focused and narrative therapies.  In a nutshell, I am interested in listening to you and working in partnership to cocreate a supervisory space that grows trust and feels safe enough to expose vulnerability and where you can explore the best of your work as well as therapeutic obstacles.  A space that is also informed by our own values, life stories and their current shape.

Fundamentally, I believe that it is as much of a privilege to be invited into a colleague’s clinical practice as it is to be invited into my clients’ lives and I am committed to offering a supervision that is inclusive, respectful, affirming, thought provoking and inspiring –  where both supervisor and supervisee grows and learns from each other and where client safety is at the forefront of our minds.

I have a breadth of training and experience of both providing and receiving supervision and have supervised qualified Clinical Psychologists, trainee Clinical Psychologists, and people working within other professional frameworks.

To find out more about my education, qualifications, CPD and professional registration see here.