What is this training about?

The impact of Covid-19 on individuals, community and culture within Education is unprecedented and profound. All those in Education face complex personal and professional challenges over the coming months and years as we all adapt to the ‘New Normal’. At Beacon House, we believe that this opens the door to an opportunity for collaboration, learning, reflection and adaptability. Through this, we can become wiser and stronger than ever before. 

As a service, we are passionate about enabling adults who work with, or care for, children to understand the impact of trauma, loss and adversity. We are committed to supporting adults become effective and pro-active in enabling the recovery from trauma, so that children and their families can thrive.

What are the learning aims?

Learning outcomes for the whole school module

Those attending the whole-school module will cover:

  • The impact of Covid-19 on all pupils with a special focus on trauma, loss and transition
  • The additional impact of Covid-19 on vulnerable pupils, particularly those with earlier trauma and attachment disruptions
  • Principles of engagement – how all staff can relate to pupils in a way which enables them to engage with learning and relationships.
  • Practical strategies – what all staff can do to support pupils transition back into the school environment, and begin to thrive again
  • The module will also include a range of bespoke resources

Who can attend this training?

This module is for whole Education staff teams, including the SLT, Governors, teaching and support staff.

How does your online training work?

Once you have purchased your package, we will send you a password and a link to distribute to your team. Your team can watch the training in their own time at their own pace, and they can re-watch the training as many times as they like within 12 months.

How is your training presented?

We bring together an inspiring and innovative combination of theory, stunning original art-work, lived experience examples and practical demonstrations. Watch a brief sample here to see how we present different aspects of learning in our training 

How long can I access the training for?

This training can be accessed and re-watched for 12 months.

How much does the training cost?

Schools can purchase one of three training package options, depending on which meets their needs:

Option One:

  • A 3-hour online module for the whole school team

Option Two:

  • A 3-hour online module for the whole school team AND
  • A remote Q&A session with the trainers to help consolidate your learning

Please get in touch with us on: training@beaconhouse.org.uk to enquire about fees. We have a different fee structure for individual schools, groups of schools and large academy trusts. We would be pleased to hear from you to discuss this further (please note, in Q&As we are not able to offer advice about individual children).

Who are the trainers?

Dr Shoshanah Lyons is the Clinical Director and founder of Beacon House, a therapeutic service for children and families based in West Sussex.

As a Clinical Psychologist specialising in trauma and loss, she is passionate about helping parents/carers and professionals to understand the needs of troubled children. She loves to work creatively so that complex ideas are translated into really accessible and meaningful information for all those working with, and caring for distressed children

Helen Townsend is an artist and works at Beacon House as our Creative Advisor and Therapeutic Life Story Worker.

Combining inspiration from lived experience with academic training, she is passionate about translating complicated theories into accessible information that can be used by everyone in day to day life. As an adoptive parent Helen always aims to ensure ideas are realistic and practical for families.

Do I get a certificate?

Upon completion of our training feedback questionnaire, you will be provided with an individualised certificate.

Testimonials from others who have attended this training

"Brilliantly paced and so well-balanced between theory and practice. I highly recommend it to anyone working with children."


"What you have put together is truly awe inspiring and life changing! The positive way this will impact how I support young people personally and in my work with traumatised children is changing dramatically with hopefully more positive outcomes for all."


"Inspiring and practical training that I can use straight away. Essential training for anyone working with children and families."

Social Worker

How do I book?

If you would like to request an invoice, pay over the telephone or enquire about a team licence, please contact our Training Administrator, Rebecca Robertson, on training@beaconhouse.org.uk or 01444 413 939. Upon receipt of payment your training package will be released.

  • No limit on places

What are your terms and conditions?

Due to our training package being available upon payment, online courses are non-refundable.

We work very hard to keep our training and resources free or as low cost as possible. We ask that for single participants, you respect this by keeping the training package for your sole use only. For team licences, the training is to be used by the paying team only and must not be sub-licensed or used outside of the team. Sharing the training package to those who have not purchased a place is not permitted under any circumstances.


Our online training must not be reproduced or shared with another party without prior permission from Beacon House Therapeutic Services & Trauma Team. Copyright | Beacon House Therapeutic Services & Trauma Team | 2020