We are delighted to have a Therapy Dog in Training here at Beacon House. Tallulah, a five-generation pedigree miniature poodle, has been with our team for six months and is settling in nicely to her working life!

Her owner is one of our Clinical Psychologists, Dr Laara Jupp, and Tallulah is currently being socialised into our busy clinic environment and is building relationships with a small number of therapists who will, in time, be able to invite Tallulah into therapy sessions with them and their clients.

Tallulah, like most Miniature Poodles, has a loving, mischievous, playful, lively and intelligent personality. She loves to be the centre of attention, and is showing us that she is intuitive, sensitive and quick to learn. Although Tallulah can be a little reserved at first with strangers, she is full of beans and naturally wants to bond with everyone.

The sensitive, gentle and playful temperament of Miniature Poodles means they are often recommended for use as therapy dogs and Tallulah particularly loves being around children. Tallulah has a hypo allergic coat and leaves no hairs behind her, so she is unlikely to trigger allergies.

Tallulah is currently working through the Kennel Club ‘good citizen’ dog training which begins with puppy, through to bronze, silver and gold.  She is also learning how to perform tricks and will over the next two years be trained to be a full and playful partner in therapy.  Her owner, Laara, and another member of the team are both embarking on the full Animal Assisted Psychotherapy training, which we are really looking forward to using with children and adults alike.