Mia believes that change can happen through effective therapy and that it is possible, no matter what our circumstances, learn how to make the changes we need and to let go of the distress of our past.

She came to this work as a mature woman, wife and mother, having already met with many of life’s challenges and joys. These experiences influence the way she works, giving her an understanding of how great our individual potential can be and how fear, in all its different forms, can block or hide its growth and development. She learnt that compassion for oneself is a major foundation stone in building a happy life.

Mia’s personal knowledge of being in therapy also contributes to what she brings as a therapist; an understanding of what it feels like to be a client and how difficult that can be sometimes. She firmly believes that effective therapy helped her to gain more purpose and meaning in her life and, as a result of her positive experiences, went on to train in EMDR Therapy.

She has an interest and passion for early years’ development and its impact on adult lives.

After finishing her languages degree in Arabic and French, Mia worked in the commercial sector for over 20 years before beginning to train in mental health.

She worked within a GP setting for 12 years, 4 of which included the management of the counselling service.

She also provided Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) counselling for 6 years until 2016. She now work part time for Beacon House and part time in her own practice.

Mia often uses EMDR Therapy in her work. This therapy is a highly researched and evidence based treatment. that is strongly informed by the advances in neuroscience and is recommended by the World Health Organisation and NHS NICE Guidelines.

It is used for so many of the issues that people bring to therapy including childhood and adult trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), phobias, complex mourning, addictions, OCD, depression, birth and pregnancy trauma.

She obtained her Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling at Guildford College, becoming an Accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) in 2010 and she retains that level of membership.

Mia went on to train in in 2008 and refreshed that training in 2012. Through formal and rigorous full assessment of her work with clients, she was awarded Europe Accredited EMDR Practitioner status in 2016.

Mia found her Diploma in Supervision, which she achieved in 2013, invaluable when working with student and experienced therapists.

To continue giving her best to clients, Mia is committed to CPD, learning new skills, keeping her knowledge fresh and up to date, and being open to new ways of working and thinking. She receives regular clinical consultancy to ensure her work remains effective and ethical.

  • EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner
    2016, EMDR Europe
  • Diploma in Clinical Supervision
    2013, Surrey Counselling Training
  • EMDR Parts 1-3
    2008 Dr R Mitchell, Dr D Blore, London
  • Brief Solution Focused Therapy training
    2007 Brief Centre, London
  • Adv Diploma Humanistic Counselling
    2004-2006 Guildford College
  • BA Hons Arabic & French
    University of Westminster
  • Advanced Safeguarding Training
    High Speed Training, August 2019
  • BACP Private Practice Conference
    2017, London
  • EMDR & Mindfulness
    2017, Dr Jamie Marich, London
  • Brainspotting Therapy
    2017, Dr M Grixti, Brighton
  • Trauma & Hope
    2017, Beacon House, Sussex
  • EMDR & the Transpersonal
    2017, M Brayne, Ipwsich
  • Feeling State Addiction Protocol Workshop
    Certificate of Completion 2017, Dr R Miller, London
  • Trauma & The Avoidant Client
  • The Psychic Impact of War & Terrorism on our Mental Health
    2016, Dr N Altman, Dr F Davoine, Prof Andrew Samuels et al, Tavistock Centre London
  • Shamanic Approaches in Modern Psychotherapy Conference
    2016, Dr C Mackinnon, London
  • Attachment, Dependency & Collaboration in Therapy for Complex Developmental Trauma Disorders
    2015, Dr K Steele, webinar
  • Trauma, Dissociation and Recovery
    2015, PODS, London
  • Working With Emergency Services
    2015 – Dr R Solomon, Brighton
  • Traumatic Stress – Therapeutic Implications of Neuroscience Research
    2015, Dr V van der Kolk, London
  • Grief and Loss
    2015 – Dr R Solomon, Brighton
  • Compassion Focused Therapy
    2015, Dr C Irons, Hove
  • PTSD & Complex PTSD from an Attachment Perspective
    2015, Dr F Zulueta, London
  • Working with Relational Trauma
    2014, PODS, Crawley, Sussex
  • Transforming Shame & Self Loathing
    2014, Dr J Fisher, London
  • EMDR Europe Conferences
    2013-2015, 2017
  • Working with the Traumatised Body
    2013, PODS, Huntingdon
  • Armed Forces Mental Health Champions Training: 2013
    Sussex Partnership/Army, Brighton
  • Attachment & Trauma
    2013, EMDR Association UK & Ireland, Newcastle
  • Working with the Traumatised Body: A Neurobiological Approach
    2013, Dr J Christie-Sands, Worthing, Sussex
  • Attachment Focused EMDR
    2013, Dr L Parnell, London
  • EMDR & Veterans: 2013
    EMDR UK & Ireland, York
  • EMDR Refresher Training
    2012, Sandi Richman, London
  • Positive Parenting Facilitator Training
    2011, Care for the Family, Surrey
  • EMDR UK & Ireland Conferences