Liz is an experienced Occupational Therapist specialising in children and young people. Before joining Beacon House, Liz worked in CAMHS within a variety of settings, from a national specialist inpatient unit through to assertive outreach and then in early intervention. Liz also has experience of working in community paediatrics as the ASD lead and behaviour support. She has developed and led a therapy team in a specialist education provision and has worked more recently in the private sector working with children with a range of difficulties. Liz has in-depth knowledge and experience of working in education (mainstream, specialist and pupil referral units), home environments and more recently, virtually as well.

In all of her roles, Liz has always worked with children and young people who find it difficult to access learning and therapy and show behaviours that others find challenging. She has provided support and training to the teams she has worked with to support her colleagues in the engagement of ‘difficult to reach’ children and young people. Liz’s interests have given her a wide range of experience. She has worked with children and young people with trauma and attachment difficulties, ASD, PDA, ADHD, ODD, anxiety and low mood, coordination difficulties and sensory processing difficulties.

Liz has a particular passion in working with children and young people who have experienced trauma, loss and adversity. She embraces a trauma-informed approach to Occupational Therapy and has whole-heartedly engaged in the training and practice of Sensory Attachment Intervention (SAI), a trauma and attachment informed model pioneered by Éadaoin Bhreathnach. At Beacon House Liz specialises in applying the SAI way of working with children who are adopted or cared for by a Special Guardian.

Liz’s approach to therapy is creative and flexible and she works hard to create therapy spaces that are calming; realizing that only when the body and brain perceive a state of safety can changes and progress occur. Liz works to provide sessions that are fun but also provide the ‘just right challenge’ which can sometimes be a hard line to judge, but she works with the families, children and young people to find the right line. As an OT, the aim of intervention is always to enable the children and young people to be as functional as possible in all their occupational areas (e.g. education, self-care, relationships and leisure).

Liz’s training includes sensory integration 1 and 2 at Cardiff University and she has achieved her level 1 accreditation in Sensory Attachment Intervention. Liz has provided supervision and training for OT and education colleagues to support them in understanding behaviour.

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