Julia uses an integrative approach drawing from her training as a Movement Psychotherapist and Occupational Therapist. Julia has worked across a range of services for children and adolescents, including Looked After Children, NHS (inpatient and CAMHS) and Trauma Informed Educational settings. Julia is a Clinical Supervisor for a variety of therapeutic modalities and Education departments.

Julia is profoundly interested in how as infants we begin to hold our experience of relationships and being in the world, within our body, sensory systems and movement.  In particular how this stored information becomes an embodied habitual way of coping and negotiating with the world and relationships, as we grow and develop.  Julia uses this knowledge to work with children and young people who have experienced early developmental trauma or adverse childhood experiences. Julia is passionate about the psychotherapeutic potential of using movement and body sensations together with other creative resources, to facilitate expression of emotion and support emotional regulation.

Julia has a special interest and experience in working with children, adolescents and young people who are exploring gender and sexuality and has recently contributed a chapter to a book concerned with Gender and Differences in the Arts Therapies.

Julia’s approach is guided by the qualities associated with hopefulness, openness, and kindness.  She believes in the heart of the therapeutic relationship, one that provides a safe space from which to explore and express emotions, and to facilitate growth and transformation. Julia draws from her training related to the body, its sensory systems and movement alongside other creative resources, to celebrate strengths and to explore emotional, social and physical needs of the child or young person.

Julia is passionate about her role as advocate for the child or young person, and in particular how this role can support the translation of information, to facilitate a deeper understanding of the child’s needs within the wider network of support. As a Clinical Supervisor Julia provides a service to schools, for staff working with children who have social, emotional and mental health needs. The clinical supervision sessions offer a confidential and safe space for school and residential staff to reflect and explore ways of working with children. Julia believes in the idea of ‘caring for the carer’. The clinical supervision sessions in schools also serve to provide a confidential space for the ‘carers’, to reflect on the impact of the work on personal emotions and possible responses to the children’s narratives.

When Julia is not working with children and their families, she is a Dance Artist, and University Lecturer in Dance, Somatic Practice, and Dance Movement Psychotherapy.

Julia is registered with the Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy (ADMP) – CSP 1060, HCPC Register for Occupational Therapy – OT18941 and is a member if the Body Control Pilates Academy.

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  • Sensory Integration: Foundation, Assessment and Treatment, Interpretation
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  • PG Diploma Occupational Therapy
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