Helen is an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist with over 30 years’ experience of working with children, young people, adults, and families. She specialises in therapeutic parenting work with families where there is a history of struggle, trauma and relational challenges. She is passionate about supporting all family members to flourish, feel safe, connect, communicate, heal hurts and enjoy each other.

In her role as Clinical Lead at Beacon House, Helen supports the delivery of our specialist services and works creatively within our leadership team to develop and nurture the ways in which we co-create change with children and families.

Her clinical work is informed by learning in the fields of neuroscience, neurodiversity, attachment, sensory processing, systemic thinking, positive psychology, mental health, epigenetics, child development and compassion-focused therapy. She enjoys finding creative means of communicating important understandings in ways that make sense to parents, children and colleagues.

She works as a supervisor, therapist, family coach, therapeutic parenting practitioner and trainer. Whilst informed by her Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) training, trauma research, and wide range of ongoing CPD, Helen believes that there is no simple framework for this work. Creative adaptation and flexibility are essential for effective work that promotes confidence, connection, and healing for all family members. Human beings are complex and precious.

Helen’s work is based on a deep respect for the person or people she is working with, alongside a commitment to empowering individuals to explore their own understandings and make their own choices. Helen emphasises the importance of dialogue, connection and relationship in all of her work. As well as attending to our pain and struggle, Helen believes that it is so important to nourish our strengths, enhance our resilience, and develop our confidence to learn, have fun, and express ourselves.

Since her first therapeutic role in a social services Family Centre, Helen has been working with a diverse range of families – including parents with histories ‘in care’ themselves, those with children on the edge of ‘care’ proceeding’, foster carers and adoptive families. We can all struggle with the challenges of parenting and managing to meet our needs as adults whilst understanding and meeting the developmental and attachment needs of our children. Being a parent of four children, and her work in this field, is both challenging and rewarding for Helen.

Understanding is frequently a key element for adults to gain/regain empathy for our children, the challenges they present, and for ourselves. This supports our willingness to adapt our parenting in ways that are most likely to help our child to feel safe, to connect and to enjoy relating. Helen really enjoys the blend of empathic listening, psychotherapeutic skills, emotional containment, fun, human connection, PACEful relating, advice, psychoeducation, challenge, problem-solving and open-minded exploration that her work entails.

Helen believes that robust assessment is important to support decision-making about the most helpful therapeutic intervention for each situation.

Most theories and understandings in this complex field need to be held, in Helen’s opinion, lightly and humbly and the more professionals can stay ‘open and engaged’, the more they will inspire this in others. The metaphor and model of ‘good enough parenting’ flows through Helen’s work. Helen wants those she works with to feel listened to, affirmed, empowered, contained, and valued.  Helen is a passionate advocate for the needs of children and families, and gains great satisfaction from playing a role in better outcomes and improved wellbeing.

Helen is registered with the UKCP and BACP.

  • Couples & Family Therapy Diploma
    Centre of Excellence, 2021
  • CBT Diploma
    Centre of Excellence, 2021
  • Pathological Demand Avoidance Diploma 
    Centre of Excellence, 2020
  • Neuropsychology Diploma
    Centre of Excellence, 2020
  • Forensic Psychology Diploma
    Centre of Excellence, 2020
  • Life Coaching Diploma
    Centre of Excellence, 2020
  • Clinical Supervision
    CSAccred (AAC) (BPS), 2020
  • Supervision Training – Core, 7-Eyed Model, Group & Advanced
    CSTD, 2018 – 2020
  • DDP Level 2
    Centre for Emotional Development, 2017
  • DDP Level 1
    Centre for Emotional Development, 2017
  • EMDR Level 2
    Richman EMDR, 2017
  • EMDR Level 1
    Richman EMDR, 2017
  • Integrative Arts Psychotherapy Diploma (UKCP registered)
    Institute for Arts in Therapy & Education, 1992 – 1998
  • Social Psychology – BA Hons 2:1
    University of Sussex, 1986 – 1989
  • Relational Depth and Trauma: A Panel Discussion
    Online Events, 25th June 2021
  • ACT Level 2
    APT, 18 hours, 8th June 2021
  • How to Transition to the Covid-19 “New Normal”
    Beacon House Online Training, 3 Hours, 7th June 2021
  • DBT Essentials Level 2
    APT, 18 hours, 31st May 2021
  • The Power of the Senses; Re-building sensory systems and supporting regulation in children impacted by early trauma
    Beacon House Online Training, 6 hours, May 2021
  • Introducing the Dynamic Maturational Model of Attachment
    (DMM): Implications and Opportunities for Clinical Practice

    Essential Therapy Training, 6 hours, 12th April 2021
  • Dr Karen Treisman –  Emotional Regulation Tools and Ideas
    The Sunflower Network, 6 hours, 21st March 2021
  • Dr Karen Treisman – Creative and Expressive Tools and Ideas for Talking About Feelings and Emotions
    The Sunflower Network, 6 hours, 20th March 2021
  • The Impact of SEND on Children’s Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health
    The Sunflower Network, 6 hours, 6th March 2021
  • EMDR Interweave with Children – Blocked Processing & Integration
    Agate Institute – Ana Gomez Attachment Trauma Education, 3 hours, March 2021
  • Exploring & Processing Trauma Memories with Children within an EMDR Approach
    Agate Institute – Ana Gomez Attachment Trauma Education, 3 hours, March 2021
  • Working with Defences, Parts, & Resistance During Initial Phases of EMDR Therapy
    Agate Institute – Ana Gomez Attachment Trauma Education, 3 hours, March 2021
  • Working with Parents within an attachment EMDR Systemic Approach
    Agate Institute – Ana Gomez Attachment Trauma Education, 3 hours, March 2021
  • Stabilization & EMDR Preparation Strategies With Children
    Agate Institute – Ana Gomez Attachment Trauma Education, 3 hours, March 2021
  • Internal Family Systems – Introduction
    Internal Family Systems UK, 6 hours, 12th February 2021
  • Non Violent Resistance
    PAC-UK, 6 hours, 28th January 2021
  • Neglect, Shut Down States and Hard to Reach Clients
    Graham Music – The Sunflower Network, 3.5 hours, 23rd January 2021
  • The Impact of Developmental Trauma on Sensory Processing
    PAC-UK, 12 hours, 19th October 2020
  • Life Story Therapy
    The Sunflower Network, 6 hours, 2020
  • Complex Developmental Trauma
    Blue Sky Fostering, 6 hours, 2020
  • Sensory Integration
    Family Futures, 12 hours, 2020
  • Neuroscience – Effective Clinical Practice, Polyvagal System, Relationships and Regulation
    Online Events, 24 hours, 2020
  • Dr Karen Treisman – Behaviour as Communication
    The Sunflower Network, 6 hours, 2020
  • Dr Karen Treisman – The Power of Language
    The Sunflower Network, 6 hours, 2020
  • Solihull Training – Foundations
    Solihull approach parenting, 12 hours, 2020
  • Understanding ADHD
    King’s College London, 8 hours, 2020
  • Reconnecting with Your Child – compassion fatigue
    Inspire Training, 3 hours, 2020
  • Child Mental Health Training
    High Speed Training, 3 hours, 2020
  • Dan Hughes Masterclass
    Centre for Emotional Development, 6 hours, 2017
  • Awakening Curiosity Comfort & Joy
    Dan Hughes, 6 hours, 2020
  • Resilience: Prevention and Recovery from Traumatic Damage
    SDS Seminars, 12 hours, 2019
  • Integrating Multi Modal CBT
    Lynn Somerfield, 18 hours, 2019
  • Numbing the Pain: Addiction as Complex Trauma and Attachment Disorder
    Brighton Therapy Partnership, 6 hours, 2019
  • CBT/Counselling with ASD Clients
    SDS Seminars – Dr Tony Attwood, 6 hours, 2018
  • Reintroduction to CBT and Applying These Models to Children and Adolescents
    SDS Seminars, January, 6 hours, 2018
  • Dan Hughes Masterclass
    Centre for Emotional Development, 6 hours, 2017
  • Process Experiential Therapy (EFT)
    University of Strathclyde, 2004-2007
  • Psychosynthesis – Essentials
    Psychosynthesis Trust, 1992