Jenny is a Clinical Psychologist with 14 years’ experience of working in a specialist child and adolescent mental health team for children who are looked after, placed in residential care or adopted. She has extensive experience of working with social services to support foster carers, adoptive parents, social workers and schools to provide trauma-informed care across home and school.

Jenny is passionate about improving the emotional, social and educational outcomes for children and young people. She seeks to listen carefully to everyone in the family and network, including the child or young person, to gain as thorough as possible an understanding of the strengths and challenges in the child’s life at that time.

An attachment lens influences Jenny’s practice throughout – we all need to feel safe and understood in order to seek help to make changes. She is mindful that for children who have experienced developmental trauma, helping them to grow healthy attachment relationships can significantly improve their long-term physical and emotional health. However, this task of reparative therapeutic parenting is slow and challenging, as the child’s survival strategies are well-established due to a pervasive fear of trusting others. Through Jenny’s specialist training in dyadic developmental psychotherapy (DDP) and experience in using Theraplay techniques, she can be alongside parents, carers, children and young people in navigating these relational challenges.

Jenny prioritises the importance of forming genuine, trusting relationships with families. She offers an open and thoughtful space to help make sense of complex difficulties, sharing psychological ideas to help children and families consider whether the theory or models assist them to understand their own story or experience. Jenny is guided by the growing knowledge base around developmental trauma, impact upon the brain and body, attachment theory, resilience and mindfulness.


She has extensive experience of offering psychological consultation to a local authority children’s home for older young people. She has developed a highly flexible style of meeting the therapeutic needs of these young people e.g. direct sessions in or outside the home, joint with key workers, facilitated family sessions with birth parents or offered supervision to key residential staff who can then offer the mental health support to the young person directly. Jenny believes that providing emotional containment for care workers is key to establishing a safe and trauma-informed residential home.

Jenny’s other post-qualifying experience includes clinical lead for a Multi-Dimensional Treatment Foster Care project (an evidence based model for specialist therapeutic foster placements for young children in order to achieve permanency through adoption), training in Youth Mindfulness curriculum, assessing attachment in adults using the Attachment Style Interview (ASI) and most recently eye movement desensitisation and re-processing (EMDR), an evidence based psychotherapeutic treatment for trauma.

Jenny is registered with the Health Care Professions Council (membership number PYL18942) and chartered with the British Psychological Society (membership number 78340).

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Levels 1,2,3 (Adults with Child components)
    Richman EMDR training (8 days), 2017
  • Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme
    Teacher training course (5 days), 2017
  • Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) Level 1 (revised and updated)
    Dan Hughes (4 days), 2011
  • Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care Prevention (MTFC-p)
    Oregon USA (5 days), 2007
  • Attachment Style Interview for Adoption and Fostering training (ASI-AF)
    Lifespan Research Group (4 days), 2006
  • Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) Level 1
    Dan Hughes (4 days), 2005
  • Doctorate in Clinical and Community Psychology (DClin Psy)
    University of Exeter (3 years), 2002
  • Certificate in Family Therapy
    University of Bristol (1997-98)
  • BSc Honours degree in Psychology
    University of Bristol (1993-96)
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead Refresher
    West Sussex Services for Schools, 3 hours, 17th August 2020
  • Ana Gomez: The World of Stories and Symbols – an introduction to the EMDR Sandtray Protocol; Intergenerational Trauma
    An attachment based EMDR Programme to work with children and their parents (2019, 2 days)
  • Designated Safeguarding Officer (Level 3)
    High Speed Training (2019, 1 day)
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)
    Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (2018, 2 days)
  • EMDR Association UK and Ireland Annual Conference
    Ana Gomez: Complex Trauma presentations (2018, 1 day)
  • Safeguarding Children level 3 specialist
    SPFT (2018, 1 day)
  • Chelsea’s choice (a play tackling child sexual exploitation in schools)
    Alter Ego Creative Solutions Ltd (2017, 1 day)
  • Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
    Mindful Academy Eu – Claire Griffin (2017, 8 week)
  • Foundation level training in raising awareness of needs of Complex Trauma clients
    Maeve Crowley, SPFT (2016, 1 day)
  • A solution-focussed and safety-oriented approach to child protection risk assessment & intervention
    Signs of Safety, (2016, 1 day)
  • Dan Hughes Masterclass
    Centre for Emotional Development (2016, 1 day)
  • Trauma-focussed CBT
    Variety of lead professionals nationally working with adults, unaccompanied refugees and children including Nick Lake, Deborah Lee and David Tricky, SPFT (2014, 5 days)
  • Full Facilitator Systems Training for Emotion Predictability Problem Solving (STEPPS)
    Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (2014, 4 days)
  • A Logical Way of Being: Dissociative Disorders and Complex Trauma
    First Person Plural, Brighton (2013, 1 day)
  • Outcomes conference of UK pilot sites of MTFC-P
    Amsterdam (2009, 3 days)
  • Contact in Permanence Conference
    West Sussex County Council (2008, 1 day)
  • AIM level 1 – identifying and assessing harmful sexualised behaviour in children
    West Sussex County Council (2007, 1 day)
  • The Burden of Shame and Guilt

Centre for Child Mental health (2007, 1 day)

  • Outcome measures for LAC linked to CORC

National Specialist interest group for Clinical Psychologists working in LAC (2007, 1 day)

  • Advanced Supervisors Workshop, Clinical Formulation – Child and Family

University of Surrey (2006, 2 days)

  • Jim Wilson – family therapy and narrative approaches
    University of Southampton (2005, 1 day)
  • Domestic Violence Study Day
    East Sussex NHS Trust (2004, 1 day)
  • Clinical psychology supervisors training
    South Thames course (2004, 2 days)
  • Introduction to Psychodynamic Concepts: A workshop for Clinical Psychologists
    Tavistock Clinic, London (2002, 5 days)