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I love the seminars at Beacon House they are so open and friendly. I have been to others where I have sat and listened but not felt able to actually participate. I find myself asking questions and getting really involved when I come to Beacon House it really is a breath of fresh air
Special GuardianParent Seminars
I just wanted to thank you and the team at Beacon House for an absolutely brilliant day - my head has been buzzing with a million ideas since the course. Thank you for everything you are doing, and for sharing your knowledge and experiences.
Head TeacherTrauma Informed Schools Training
I have been meaning to write to say how inspiring the trauma-informed schools workshop was. It was the best training day on any topic that I have attended. Thank you.  
School Safeguarding LeadTrauma Informed Schools Workshop
I just wanted to let you all know how revolutionary I found your training yesterday. I am a psychotherapist working in private practice in Bedfordshire, and I work with traumatized children/adolescents at home and in schools. I have long been aware of your approach and embed your videos in my training to schools. Attending the days workshop was something different! It has changed the way I assess and I will be recommending it to whomever I come across in the field. Thanks for your amazing insights!
PsychotherapistDevelopmental Trauma in Children and Families: for Professionals
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