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I love the seminars at Beacon House they are so open and friendly. I have been to others where I have sat and listened but not felt able to actually participate. I find myself asking questions and getting really involved when I come to Beacon House it really is a breath of fresh air
Special GuardianParent Seminars
I just wanted to thank you and the team at Beacon House for an absolutely brilliant day - my head has been buzzing with a million ideas since the course. Thank you for everything you are doing, and for sharing your knowledge and experiences.
Head TeacherTrauma Informed Schools Training
"I very rarely give 10's at training but this has been very informative and also resonated with me and my interest in yoga and mindfulness"
Student, May 2019Sensory Processing Yoga
I have been meaning to write to say how inspiring the trauma-informed schools workshop was. It was the best training day on any topic that I have attended. Thank you.  
School Safeguarding LeadTrauma Informed Schools Workshop
I just wanted to let you all know how revolutionary I found your training yesterday. I am a psychotherapist working in private practice in Bedfordshire, and I work with traumatized children/adolescents at home and in schools. I have long been aware of your approach and embed your videos in my training to schools. Attending the days workshop was something different! It has changed the way I assess and I will be recommending it to whomever I come across in the field. Thanks for your amazing insights!
PsychotherapistDevelopmental Trauma in Children and Families: for Professionals
"The yoga was fabulous and the training in why and how to use with others was perfectly paced"
Student, May 2019Sensory Processing Yoga
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