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I returned from the earthquake in Nepal after being stranded on a mountain for 3 days. The level of devastation and trauma was huge. After returning home, I was in deep trauma and shock and knew something wasn’t right. My life did not feel the same as it did before, i couldn’t stop crying and couldn’t stop seeing images from the earthquake. I was constantly on high alert and was reacting to any noise or vibration, which made me incredibly jumpy and anxious. I went to my doctor and was told i would have to wait 3 months for therapy but my feelings were getting worse and i couldn’t wait for help. I found Shoshanah and she specialised in trauma therapy. I felt so isolated and alone before speaking with Shoshanah and never thought i would be the same again. Shoshanah was patient and listened, she reassured me instantly and made me feel at ease and that i wasn’t going mad, she finally gave me hope. I was in fact suffering from PTSD. Shoshanah recommended EMDR which i was sceptical about as i had never heard of it before. I can honestly say it has changed my life. We discussed the earthquake and also discovered i was experiencing layered trauma from my childhood. I had always had a level of anxiety and never understood why, until we used the EMDR. I have experienced a journey of self discovery and faced a lot of traumatic memories and experiences from my past, which i can now be more positive about as i now understand my reactions and emotions. I have had counselling in the past regarding my child hood however it never took the anxious feelings away. EMDR has helped me
Hannah36, Burgess Hill
I was recently in the Nepal earthquake. I was stuck in the mountains for 3 days surrounded by death and destruction. Once i returned to England it was very hard to return to normal life due to post traumatic stress. Shoshanah recommended EMDR therapy to help treat the PTSD. At first I was a bit sceptical, as I had never had any kind of therapy previously. But I was willing to give it a try. I feel the EMDR has been a great success. Shoshanah was very understanding and reassuring, which helped alleviate the feeling of isolation that came with PTSD. Shoshanah has enabled me to understand and control the powerful emotions I had been experiencing and has helped me to come to terms with the difficult decisions and personal challenges I have experienced along the way.
Michael38, Burgess Hill
I always thought that therapy was not for me, until I was in a horrific car accident and felt like I was going mad afterwards. I felt like things were ruined forever, and then I started treatment at Beacon House. EMDR has changed my life. I do not have PTSD anymore and even better, I have discovered things about myself that I would have never have known. The best thing is that I know that the door is always open and I can come back any time.
Jonathonaged 45, Brighton
For my whole life I felt that there was something very wrong with me but because nobody I spoke to understood me, I believed I must have been a bad person. Coming to Beacon House transformed my life. For the first time somebody could see that my problems were a result of trauma in my childhood, and for the first time I was given hope that things could feel different. Slowly but surely, having EMDR combined with Shoshanah’s unmovable commitment, has freed me from the ghosts of my past. My bad memories will always be there, but I can think about them without falling apart inside.
Sarahaged 21, Eastbourne
I got on really well with my therapist, Alison, as I found her a very approachable and friendly person who I was happy to share my thoughts with. She was extremely understanding and has had a huge impact on my life as a result of therapy with her. I am confident that she has helped resolve my issues and I know that I can approach her again if I ever need her support in the future.
Hollyaged 16, Brighton
I found Alison very quiet at first and thought that I would not be able to interact with her easily. However, as time went on and she listened to 'my story' I realised that she was clearly taking it all in and spoke to me in such a way that, although I didn't think it was helping, over the weeks it clearly was. A difficult experience to put in to words but, the therapy clearly worked over time. I found Alison very understanding, non-judgmental and she made me look at life and my past in a completely different way, which helped enormously. I enjoyed my time with her and came away with very positive thoughts.
Charlotteaged 43, East Grinstead
I had struggled with years of unexplained aches & pains as well as extreme fatigue. I went back & forth to the Drs but there was never an explanation. One day a conversation with a very good friend led to the concept of therapy - in my case trauma therapy and how my symptoms matched those linked to unprocessed trauma. I was put in touch with Beacon House who matched me with Kristina, a therapist who specialises in processing trauma. Therapy is hard, emotionally exhausting & at times harrowing BUT Beacon House provides a safe, calm environment that gave me the confidence to face my demons. I cannot recommend Beacon House enough and finally feel less consumed by my past and able to focus on the future.
Rosemaryaged 36, Kent
Before coming to therapy I felt confused about who I was and who I wanted to be. I was insecure and anxious about many things. Therapy has helped me understand that my problems are not built in, and how to recognise and celebrate my strengths while changing those things that feel unhelpful. I looked forward to therapy sessions, as it always felt warm, welcoming and safe, and I knew I would walk away each time with new ideas and tools for living a healthier and more balanced life.
Jennifer38 years old, Crawley
I would just like to say that Alison is a fantastic psychologist. I enjoyed working with her and we reached my goal in a much shorter time frame than I had expected. She is an asset to your team. Continue the good work.
Sandraaged 62, Burgess Hill
After my horse riding accident, I was left feeling very insecure and uncertain about my future. With the help of beacon house and the amazing Shoshanah, I slowly started to feel like myself again. Therapy helped me smooth away every single worry and fear I had. I always felt safe and comfortable with shoshanah. If it was not for shoshanah I would not be thriving and enjoying life as much as I am know. Therapy helped me put things back into perspective and without her help over the past year I would hate to think where I would be. I can highly recommend the Beacon House team and thank them for everything they have done for me.
Claireaged 16, Burgess Hill
I nearly wimped out until I heard your secretary’s lovely voice
I would like to say I sincerely thank you for everything that you have done for me. I feel that you have honestly opened my eyes to myself and that is life changing for me. It has been such a massive weight off my shoulders to talk to you about all the things I have been carrying for most of my life. You have been so supportive and I wish there were more words than just Thank you. I will truly miss our sessions.
I had been struggling for some considerable period of time after the death of a terminally ill close relative for whom I had cared with increasing intensity for more than three years. After her death I experienced a range of very intrusive and troubling symptoms which were hard to understand and to cope with both for myself and my family. After a particularly upsetting episode, I decided that I should seek help. My first approach to Beacon House was via a telephone call which was so sensitively and supportively handled that I came off the phone feeling enormous relief that someone understood what I was going through and felt that a period of therapy would enable me to make a full recovery from the chronic stress from which I had suffered for so long. I had never heard of EMDR but immediately found it an easy procedure in which to engage. The bringing to mind of memories, (which also inevitably spanned other very difficult periods of my life), was painful but through the process of EMDR these recollections dimmed very significantly and on each journey home I felt more and more freed from their painful hold on me and more confident that I was “recovering”. The period of therapy was short and intense but by the end of it I felt that I was back in control of my life, my confidence had returned and I was ready to pick up the threads of my old life and to enjoy its challenges!! I also felt and continue to feel a great sense of peace and wellbeing.
Coming to Beacon House is my oasis. All week I feel better knowing that I’ll be coming here and feeling cared for – probably for the first time in my life.  
Michael60 years old
I have been searching for years for a service that understands complex trauma, and I feel that I have finally found an amazing place that not only understands trauma, but who can hold my hand and take me slowly and carefully through the maze of treatment. Already I have felt such big changes, and I think that just knowing you guys are there has fought half my battle. I can’t thank you enough.
Fran42 years old
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