Clinical Forensic Psychology Clinic


Our clinical forensic psychology clinic is led by Dr Laura France, a Specialist Chartered Clinical Psychologist with many years’ experience working with adults and adolescents whose mental health problems have bought them into contact with the Criminal Justice System. As well as our adult services, Dr France is the Psychology Lead for our provision into the West Sussex Youth Offending Team.

Youth Offending Services

Beacon House currently offers mental health assessment, consultation and treatment services to the West Sussex Youth Offending Team, alongside NHS provision for local Young Offenders. This service is led by Dr France, and includes input from multiple disciplines within the team including psychotherapy, family therapy and clinical psychology. Our approach to working with Young Offenders is centered around understanding their needs and behaviors through an attachment and trauma lens, which not only opens up a compassionate and effective way of reaching the young people, but also enables robust and pragmatic formulations of risk and change to be developed. Our YOS service is outreach, and we always work towards engaging the young person where and when they choose.

Clinical Psychology Forensic Assessment

Dr Laura France is able to undertake a range of comprehensive psychology assessments for adults in the Criminal Justice System; and adults who have no criminal history but who may present a risk to others. Laura has previously worked for the Ministry of Defence, and is able to offer assessment and intervention to serving personnel or veterans who may be expressing risky or offending behaviours connected with service-related psychological difficulties.


Assessment specialisms include:

  • Independent assessment of offending and risk assessment for the Oral Parole Board Hearings
  • Expert witness assessments in criminal cases
  • Assessment of parental risk of harm in Family Law proceedings
  • Assessment of the impact of cognitive deficit or ASC on offending behaviour
  • Assessment of the impact of cognitive deficit or ASC on capacity to follow Court process, and to understand and comply with conditions set out by the Court

Assessments take place across three phases. Firstly, an initial consultation is offered to the individual making the referral for assessment. Here, the parameters and remit of the assessment are discussed and a plan for interviews is agreed. Second is the assessment phase.  Any assessment is likely to include a combination of:

Interviews with the individual referred Administration of a range of forensic and personality psychometrics Possibly a full cognitive assessment Interview with significant other adults Corroborative interviews with professionals An evaluation of all available historical records Observation of behaviour

Following completion of the assessment, a full and detailed report will be produced and shared with the referrer, client and others in the network as appropriate.

Costs for assessments vary depending on the remit of the instruction. Please get in touch for a tailor made estimate of costs.

Clinical Psychology Forensic Treatment

Dr Laura France, alongside others in the Beacon House team, offers effective, evidence-based psychological interventions for individuals with severe and enduring mental health problems who have also become involved in the Justice System.

Laura’s therapeutic approach is primarily cognitive-behavioural, with an emphasis on attachment and schema. The Recovery Model is at the centre of all of Laura’s work, meaning that her focus is on accepting difficulties and past behaviours, and working towards a life that is truly meaningful and fulfilling to the individual. Laura’s approach is non-judgmental, hopeful and collaborative.

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