Parenting in the Middle – a one Day Practical Workshop

Trainers: Dr Shoshanah Lyons, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director; and Helen Townsend, Parent Coach and creator of

This practical and energising workshop focusses on realistic parenting strategies for daily life. We tackle the issues parents face living with children with challenging behaviour. Working together we produce and share set of creative resources unique to your family life. Dr Shoshanah Lyons, Clinical Psychologist and Helen Townsend, Parent Coach, offer alternative yet complimentary perspectives and ideas on attuning to your child’s needs, strategies for coping with undesirable behaviours, strengthening your inner resources and challenge your perceptions on what life ‘should’ look like in your home. You will gain confidence in the decisions you make, further your understanding about what is happening in your child’s brain, enhance your support network and raise your parental voice.
Please note: You will receive a questionnaire asking for details about your family life so we can ensure proactive ideas on the day of the workshop. The cost of this day also includes a 30 min follow up support call from a member of the Beacon House team.

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