Becoming Mental Health Aware - Series

Trainer: Dr Shoshanah Lyons, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director

This series of training workshops equips staff teams to develop an understanding of how to identify key signs of mental health problems; what can be offered in-house to support the pupil’s well-being and what outside treatment can be requested. Teaching staff leave these workshops feeling empowered to notice and help vulnerable children; and more confident in also how to support pupils who look ‘bright and fine’ on the outside, but are struggling on the inside. Impact of mental health on learning is considered, and teaching strategies shared. The workshops are delivered across a number of mental health topics – such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, OCD, trauma; and schools are able to request as many or as little topics as feel relevant to them. Workshops can be delivered in 1 hour; half day or whole day workshops.

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