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When Josey came out of her first session with Alison, she said to me that she didn’t want to go back! The following week she felt a bit happier and said she could go back and then from that point I think she really looked forward to her time with Alison, being able to talk through what had been troubling her. Alison is a lovely, very kind and caring person and always made Josey (and me) feel at ease, especially during tricky conversations. She always made me feel that my views and points were important as well and we were even able to enjoy lighter moments, sometimes even laughing. What I value is the fact that Josey looked forward to her sessions and with all of her challenges, she felt safe and happy to share things with Alison, even if sometimes I had to push a bit. Josey is putting some of Alison’s strategies in place and I still use Alison’s name to try and help Josey, “what would Alison have said”. I really do see a difference in Josey from before we started the sessions. She is having less panic attacks and anxiety and is having a go at doing more things and seems generally happier. Overall we really enjoyed our time with Alison and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Please pass on my thanks to Alison and to know that she is there if we need help in the future. I really enjoyed speaking to Alison. Although at first I wasn’t so keen, I definitely opened up after time. She made me feel really safe and like I could tell her anything, and although sometimes it took a bit off pushing, I always eventually told her my thoughts and feelings. I have already found that its helping, I have found strategies to help with my anxiety and I further understand why and how to cope with the way I see and feel things. She has made me a lot more happier and confident with myself, and has shown me that not everything is going to be negative.
SoryaAged 14
Shoshanah and her team have picked up work for therapeutic intervention promptly when I have referred on to them. I have had good feedback from families to date. She has a highly skilled team who have a lot of experience working with young people.
Dr Sarah JamesConsultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Sarah is showing lots of really positive signs. She seems more confident with her sense of identity and I have the feeling that she has got quite a bit off her chest with you. She's finding problems easier to deal with and she has made some, I think, good decisions on her own. She seems freer and is starting to thrive. I keep hearing from other people that they've noticed a real change in her and what they describe is her showing the quirky, funny, chatty side of her personality which I see most of the time but know she doesn't always show elsewhere. She's also choosing much more creative things to do with her time. It's lovely. I'm interested to know what you said to her. Thank you!
Father of Sarahaged 12
It was hugely beneficial to both our son and ourselves to receive the compassionate and constructive help offered by Beacon House. Going to see Alison each week was an oasis of calm as we all struggled to come to terms with the sudden onset of our son’s distressing and violent panic attacks brought on by his move to secondary school. Her guidance was invaluable, both in confirming that we were doing the right thing to help him and giving us insight and ideas as to the best way to move forward. He felt comfortable and able to talk freely; she helped him to explore and rationalise his feelings and gave him courage to attempt to achieve the gentle goals set for him week by week. We are very grateful for your quick and caring response at a very dark time in our lives.
Lynnmother of 12 year old Jacob, Lindfield
I like therapy because I got all my feelings out and everything I was worried about and spoke about all the problems at home and in school. I have learnt how to deal with my problems more…I was sad and now I am happy. I would recommend this to anyone in need of therapy and friends. It’s useful to talk and not to keep your feelings in.
Johnaged 15 years
I know that we as a family were in crisis and it felt as if no one listened to us or cared, we were desperate. Then we met Vicky and we finally began to feel that someone did care. The difference to our lives has been immeasurable, and it's thanks to Vicky we have been able to make people listen and get the right support. Without Beacon House & Vicky I would hate to think what would have happened to us.
Jaynemother of 6 year old Michael, Burgess Hill
I just want to use this time to say Thank you, for all you have done for us, at a time we felt we had nowhere else to turn, you were there offering help and support. We have a come along way, and understand Jonathon so much better now, and feel more confident about where he needs extra support. Jonathon is a lot happier, and is better understood, which causes him less frustration. I will keep hold of your contact details and would highly recommend your services to anyone seeking help in the future.
Lindamother of Jonathon, aged 7
The best thing about coming here is that I can say whatever I feel like saying and I know it’s okay. I like the biscuits and juice as well.
Graceaged 7, East Grinstead
Yes, surprisingly Sally has improved very rapidly. Our therapist, Alison, was lovely: she has a very calming, serene way about her and although we didn’t seem to talk about anything that hadn’t been discussed before, Sally has clearly benefited from these sessions. Alison described situations and gave examples that made things much clearer. I would definitely recommend her to anyone else. Your service has all worked very smoothly, from the very comprehensive “welcome pack”, to the invoicing at the end of the month, to the very calm and comfortable room. Thank you.
Mother of Sallyaged 13, From Brighton
Louise quickly developed a relaxed and comfortable rapport with her therapist, Alison, and has enjoyed her therapy sessions. We are delighted that Louise has now been able to do sleepovers at friends’ houses as her anxiety has gone. Hopefully she will now be able to go off to university in a years’ time if she wants to. Louise is happy to end the therapy sessions now and knows that Alison's door will be open if she ever feels that she would like to see her again.
Jennymother of 15 year old, Crawley
We never thought we would need professional help for our son, but when he started secondary school he changed overnight from a confident, very happy child to an angry tearful stranger. By the time we discovered a few months later that he was being badly bullied, he was in a terrible state. Shoshanah and her team were fantastic: they quickly honed in on what mattered and then provided some very specific and successful treatment. Their input was short and swift, but it worked brilliantly and we are now delighted to say we have our happy confident boy back again. We can't thank or recommend them enough.
Natashamother of 12 year old Harry, Haywards Heath
She was also a great laugh, we had some very funny conversations as well as the serious, upsetting ones. I think that was one of the reasons I felt so comfortable with her and so happy to go back every week – it was the fact that everything was so relaxed, and that we could have a laugh and joke around, making the air a lot less tense. Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed speaking with her, and I hope this helps.
I value and appreciate the thorough assessment and diagnosis of trauma and dissociation, the readiness to diagnose and the explanation of 'this is my theory' - you allow your YP to be involved with their diagnosis and then the treatment plan. There is continued dialogue with the parents without betraying the trust of the YP which in turn helps build the working relationship between everyone. You are also the first practitioner to understand that the trauma suffered doesn't just impact upon the injured party, it affects the rest of the family and you work with those people also. Others haven't yet realised this (although I do inform them). Both Sarah and her dad and I are delighted with her progress since seeing Alison. I have nothing else to add apart from thank you so much for your help with Sarah’s issues.
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